Matcha for Fitness

We all know that matcha provides a great boost to your overall health. Did you also know that matcha can be used to improve your fitness levels? Instead of using supplements you can use matcha for fitness. You might be thinking how… Continue Reading


Matcha Set

All matcha lovers know that the right tools are needed to make that perfect cup of matcha. The making of matcha tea is a wonderful art that has been enjoyed for generations and matcha is not complete without the right… Continue Reading


Uji Matcha

It is said that the best type of matcha green tea is Uji matcha which is produced from Gyokuro grown in the Uji part of Kyoto, Japan. Uji is famous for its matcha and it is the original place in Japan where green tea… Continue Reading


Matcha during pregnancy

There is a lot of debate concerning the drinking of matcha green tea, or any other caffeinated beverage during pregnancy. Most people believe that the caffeine from teas/coffees etc. will have a harmful effect on the baby. The thing to keep… Continue Reading


Much Caffeine Matcha Green Tea

Caffeine is present in all forms of teas and coffees. Matcha green tea is no exception.  Much caffeine matcha green tea. Well lets keep in mind that bagged tea contains lower caffeine levels than matcha because matcha is prepared from whole tea leaves. Regular green tea… Continue Reading