Matcha Whisk Holder

MATCHA WHISK HOLDER A matcha whisk holder is basically a porcelain holder (kuse naoshi) which has a fine design adequately shaped to maintain the whisk (chasen) as well as helping it to stay dry. Kusenaoshi’s can also be made from… Continue Reading


Matcha Smoothie

MATCHA GREEN TEA SMOOTHIE Using Matcha Green Tea in a Smoothie is an excellent way to begin your day. The benefits being that it is fast, simple, and healthy due to matcha in the smoothie. A matcha smoothie is a new… Continue Reading



  Enhance your matcha experience A chashaku is a scoop made of fine bamboo which is an integral part of matcha tea ceremonies. They are used to accurately scoop the right amount of matcha. Chashakus are usually carved from wood… Continue Reading


Matcha Tea Ceremony

Matcha Tea Ceremony The matcha tea ceremony (Japanese tea ceremony)  is an ancient tradition influenced by Zen Buddhism where matcha is meticulously prepared and served to a small group of guests. The tea ceremony is called chanoyu, sado or chado.… Continue Reading


Matcha Bowl

The experience of drinking matcha green tea from a matcha bowl (chawan) is unique. Traditionally in Japan the chawan itself is large and the amount of tea inside is served small. The drinking of matcha became prevalent in Japan in… Continue Reading


Matcha for Fitness

We all know that matcha provides a great boost to your overall health. Did you also know that matcha can be used to improve your fitness levels? Instead of using supplements you can use matcha for fitness. You might be thinking how… Continue Reading