Storing Matcha Green Tea

Storing Your Matcha Tea

You do need to properly care for your matcha green tea because it is sensitive to light and heat. The tea leaves used for green matcha are ground as soon as they are picked in Japan.  Matcha green tea does not do well with exposure to light, humidity, and air. Light can cause matcha green tea to become dry and it will negatively affect its flavour. Humidity can cause matcha green tea to decrease in quality. Finally, air can cause evaporation of matcha green tea powder and loss of flavour.
Keep in mind that once matcha green tea is opened it should be used up within a few months to get the best taste out of it. Consuming matcha green tea powder past the few months will more than likely give off a stale taste. To store your matcha green tea seal the package tightly and store inside an airtight container. I personally recommend using silver bags and tins for storing matcha powder.  Also, avoid storing matcha green tea in direct sunlight and areas with high temperature or humidity. remember that how you store green matcha is essential because its responsible for matcha green teas taste, color, and health properties.


You can put green matcha in the refrigerator if you won’t consume it right away. This is a simple and efficient way to increase matcha green teas shelf life to several months. Please keep in mind that keeping green matcha in the fridge for too long can cause moisture to increase and it will ruin the taste of your green matcha. I find that keeping matcha green tea in a dark cupboard is the best option.

Matcha green tea thats expired

If your green matcha has expired then dont worry because it is still safe to drink. The expiry date is used for matcha green tea because it gets stale fast. Also, the benefits of green matcha and taste will not be affected. Some people even consume their matcha green tea months after the expiry date and claim that it tastes fine. I also drank my matcha green tea several months after its expiry and it still tasted fine.


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