About me

Hello, my name is Vick and for a couple of years now I have understood the value of good health. It all started when I turned 18 and realized that I was in poor health for someone my age. My diet mainly consisted of sugar and high fat food items. I realized that due to my poor diet I lacked energy and felt depressed most of the time. I decided that I needed to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, dairy, and nuts into my diet. Also, I began to drink teas and coffees instead of sweetened beverages. I was happy with my results since I lost all my unwanted body fat and experienced more energy. 

One aspect of my diet that I appreciated the most was Matcha Green Tea. I found that When I would drink matcha green tea it made me feel more energetic and also gave me a feeling of calm. This was a huge difference from the effects of coffee which made me feel jittery and anxiuos at times. Drinking Matcha green tea was and continues to be a pleasant experience for me. I am glad I am drinking matcha green tea since my body thanks me for it everyday.

The effects of drinking Matcha green tea are quite enlightening. The taste is deep and vegetal, with a touch of sweetness. The aroma is deep and noble.  Ones mouth craves the intense yet delicate taste sip by sip. It is no wonder that it has been held with such high regard in Japan for centuries.

Make a difference in your life and add Matcha green tea to your daily routine. You don’t know what you are missing. Replace your morning coffee and/or tea with Matcha. You will be glad you made the switch. I am definetly glad I discovered the Matcha difference at such a young age. Matcha green tea benefits us all.