Best way to drink Matcha Green Tea


I would like to talk about the best way to drink matcha green tea. Now for me the best way to drink matcha green tea is the traditional way which includes drinking the matcha from a bowl. I never drink my matcha from a to go cup. Keep in mind that matcha is composed from finely ground powder and not from loose leaves. Therefore, we need special utensils to prepare matcha well.  The utensils we need include the chawan (matcha bowl), chasen (tea whisk), and the chashaku or tea scoop. The best way to drink matcha green tea also requires the right preparation including hot water which needs to be added to the powder and then whisked with a bamboo chasen. Its also important to use the right whisking method to add smoothness to the matcha so it ends up being lump free. Another factor to keep in mind is the thickness of the matcha. It is every tea drinkers preference in regards to how much matcha they desire. If you want a more thick and frothy tea then simply add more matcha. Most people find that preparing matcha does not take more than two minutes. That is better preparation time than coffee.

First add about 1/4 cup of boiling water (180 degrees) to the chawan. The chawan needs to be warmed up by the boiling water in the beginning. Then use the chashaku (bamboo tea scoop) and measure 2 scoops of matcha into the chawan. Then use the chasen and whisk the matcha and hot water. Hold the chasen vertically and try not to touch the bottom of the bowl. If you need to touch the bottom of the bowl then do so gently. Then stir in a zig zag motion until the matcha is dissolved. Keep whisking until a bit of foaming starts. Then you can stop whisking and finally enjoy your matcha. Another important thing to remember is that you need to drink your matcha quickly. The main reason for this is if you let your matcha sit for too long then it will end up settling at the bottom.

So there we have it. The best way to drink matcha green tea. I use the above preparation method on a daily basis and I am pleased with the results. For me drinking matcha is a great sensory experience. Now if anyone has tried the above preparation method or even something slightly different to prepare matcha then please let me know in the comments section below. I look forward to reading about your methods and experiences, thank you.





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