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A chashaku is a scoop made of fine bamboo which is an integral part of matcha tea ceremonies. They are used to accurately scoop the right amount of matcha. Chashakus are usually carved from wood and even ivory. However, they are mostly crafted from bamboo. Chashakus make a great addition to your matcha set and they are highly valued because of their beauty. They are even given special names in Japanese like “gomei.” In Japanese tea ceremonies the utensils can be used depending on the season. Chashakus make a great addition to your matcha experience and they are one of the main tools to enjoy matcha.


Length: 7.25″
Height: 0.25″

Use and caring

Use two scoops of matcha tea for 2oz of water. The scoop should be rounded and the curved part of the chashaku is used to scoop the tea from the caddy (natsume).

To care for your chashaku Do not use water to wash your Chashaku. All you need to do is tap off the excess Matcha and wipe with a clean and dry cloth.


The chashaku was actually invented in China and brought to Japan in the late 14th century. Its sole use was for scooping matcha tea. Also, they were originally made from ivory and metal. Later they were made from different woods because the wood would allow for the right design and angle to scoop matcha properly. Usually chashakus are made from bamboo. In Japan certain masters will even carve their own chashakus.

Where To Buy

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