Drink Matcha Green Tea

You have probably heard by now that drinking matcha green tea is really good for you. This includes the ability to help you lose weight and fight heart disease.

The benefits of matcha are so great that people are giving up coffee and even regular green tea. Also, matcha has a more rich and grassy taste. Matcha, which means “powdered tea,” has many unique factors which differentiate it with other teas. First of all, regular green tea involves soaking the leaves, loose or in a bag and then discarding them. When you drink matcha, you’re drinking the actual leaves, which are ground micron fine.

Studies on matcha have shown that it can reduce kidney and liver damage. Also, matcha contains a high amount of antioxidants including (EGCG) which fights inflammation, clears your arteries, and protects your cells and tissues from oxidative damage.

An essential element of matcha green tea is its ability to soothe, calm and relax while at the same time increase awareness. Studies have confirmed that drinking matcha increases the production of alpha waves in your brain, maintaining healthy metabolism in diabetics, reduce stress levels, improve memory and mood levels. So drink matcha and live your life for the better.








  1. I am a big fan of green tea, but I am still trying to get my taste buds to accept matcha which has some bitter sensation to it. I really like how naturally green the drink appears – just to remind us of the power of antioxidant.

    How do you usually make your matcha? Some people say that they taste better with foamy layers on the top. I never seem to be able to get that.

    • I always prefer to make my matcha the traditional way which I have detailed in the preparation page of my site. After time you will acquire the taste of true match including the foamy layers on top. The foam gives it the extra something of taste. Also, you can drink your matcha with sweets like biscuits, cookies etc. During ancient times some priests also drank matcha with sweets because of the bitter taste.

    • Hello, I hope you are having a wonderful day. Matcha with foamy layers are a good indication that you have whisked your matcha tea well thus resulting in better taste. Also, please do check out my posts on matcha smoothies and matcha latte when you get a chance. Remember that matcha is quite versatile and can be used in a wide range of recipes for your good health, thank you.

  2. Hello Vick,

    After all this time, I thought matcha is equivalent to regular green tea. Well, I didn’t realize that matcha actually means powdered tea. Whenever I crave for green tea latte for example in Starbucks, I thought its the same as matcha latte. Anyways, now I see the distinction and more, the benefits. So, I’ll keep all of these points in mind. For better health in 2017!

    • In the beginning I also thought matcha was the same as other green teas. I learned so much after reading about matcha and all its benefits. Yes you’re right lets dive into the matcha craze for better health this year and beyond.

  3. Sounds interesting, never even heard of matcha green tea before neverminds all of it’s great benefits. I’ve always drank green tea but after reading this I’ll definitely have take a good look around my local supermarket to see if they have it.

    Do you know of the best place I could get some? I’m from Scotland so maybe online would be the best!

    • Hello again. Amazon has many great options when wanting to buy matcha online. Please check out matcha here and it is of the best quality you can find anywhere!

  4. Yes online would be the best option for you. I recommend Amazon because they have a wide range of organic matcha teas.

  5. I have always heard of the benefits of drinking matcha green tea, but have never tried it before, I don’t know how to make it or where to get it. I see that you recommended Lyle to get it from Amazon, she I too will do that.

    How do you make matcha green tea? I was looking for an article on your site to help me with knowing this but I cannot find it. Please help.

    • You prepare matcha tea using the bamboo whisk, mix the Matcha powder and hot water together until the mixture is free of clumps. The liquid mixture should become frothy and a green foam should appear at the top of the mixture.
      Also, check out my matcha green tea preparation page for more information.

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