Starter Matcha

An excellent value for 1 pound. Starter Matcha will give you that common non jittery energetic sensation which is typical of matcha. It has an earthy taste and this matcha is also ideal for baking. When I ordered the starter pack it arrived rather quickly and in a nice package. The powder mixes well and tastes great. The seller also sent an email on instructions of how to use the powder which is very helpful. I will definitely be buying a larger package of matcha from this seller. Sencha matcha is much cheaper and will give you more flavor. The brown color does not mean it is of low quality, it is just a different tea. Try a few different ones and pick what you like to drink. I use my Japanese matcha for drinking alone. I use the Chinese matcha for my smoothies. You get the same benefits from all kinds of matcha tea powder. Research sencha and tencha matcha. You can read for yourself the difference and why one is more expensive than the other. Then pick the one that fits your budget. Drink what you desire and keep in mind that the benefits will be the same with all types of matcha teas.

Remember that matcha green tea is high in antioxidants and abundant in L-theanine and chlorophyll. This provides a wide range of health benefits for mind and body.

1) Relieve Stress: L-theanine is an amino acid that reduces stress and increases alertness. Therefore, matcha green tea will keep you awake and full of energy all day long.

2) Detoxification: Chlorophyll helps to detoxify your body by binding with toxins and free radicals and turning them into neutral substances. Chlorophyll is the molecule that gives matcha green tea its rich green color.

3) Fight Cellular Damage: Antioxidants are essential for preventing disease and keeping your whole body healthy. Catechins are antioxidants which are found in matcha green tea. They help your body to prevent/fight cancer and destroy free radicals.