Matcha Bowl

The experience of drinking matcha green tea from a matcha bowl (chawan) is unique. Traditionally in Japan the chawan itself is large and the amount of tea inside is served small. The drinking of matcha became prevalent in Japan in the 15th century and chawan’s became valuable tea accessories. Even today, thanks to the Japanese matcha tea ceremony, the chawan is an item which is highly prized as something that must be part of the tea ceremony.
Chawans (Matcha bowls) are held in high regard due to their varied designs which make use of fine colors and shapes. In Japan and other parts of the world collectors of chawans choose them depending on their shape, colours, siding, and styles. Also, the placing of the chawan on the table is another factor considered. The finest chawans are handcrafted by experienced Japanese potters. Since the best chawans are made by hand then each of them is different. This adds to the beauty and uniqueness of chawans.
Chawans are shaped perfectly for whisking your matcha into a fine froth. I like my chawans to be dark in colour and with intricate designs on all sides. The chawan should feel well placed in your hands and one should be able to easily whisk matcha in the chawan without any drips/splashes. This is also helpful if you enjoy matcha lattes since chawans can be used to make a bigger batch and having them poured into smaller cups if serving more than one person. Using a chawan is definitely what you need to make your matcha experience complete.




  1. I really, really like green tea and in my part of the world, Matcha Green tea has suddenly taken off like a “trend”. This is both exciting and surprising for people like myself who really appreciate green tea. I enjoy my matcha tea as a green tea latte. As such, I have not come across the traditional Chawans that you mentioned in your post. I honestly do not know what they look like. My question to you is, do you have a photo? Thank you.

    • First of all thank you for your comment. Also, I will post a picture of a chawan soon. They are basically bowls made from high quality clay and used in japanese tea ceremonies for centuries. They come in a great variety of patterns, shapes, and colors.

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