Matcha during pregnancy

There is a lot of debate concerning the drinking of matcha green tea, or any other caffeinated beverage during pregnancy. Most people believe that the caffeine from teas/coffees etc. will have a harmful effect on the baby. The thing to keep in mind is to consume caffeine products in moderation.

A lot of doctors state that moderate levels of tea and coffee during pregnancy will cause no harm . However, too much caffeine during pregnancy can cause a miscarriage and even a lower birth weight of babies. Doctors usually recommend drinking not more than one cup of tea during pregnancy. If you drink up to six cups than that will definitely have negative effects on your baby.

Matcha green tea is the healthiest tea on the planet. However, since it contains caffeine than pregnant women need to watch out for how many cups of matcha they consume. No study has found the right amount of caffeine during pregnancy. Again the key is moderation and one cup of matcha a day is adequate.

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