Matcha for Fitness

We all know that matcha provides a great boost to your overall health. Did you also know that matcha can be used to improve your fitness levels? Instead of using supplements you can use matcha for fitness. You might be thinking how matcha tea can be used to improve your fitness levels. Well keep in mind that matcha itself is a superfood because of its high antioxidant levels and it includes L-Theanine. L-Theanine is an amino acid in green teas which reduces stress and soothes the body. As well, mathca contains the highest levels ofthe antioxidant EGCG. The EGCG in matcha contain anti inflammatory properties and protect cells against free radical damage.

Drinking matcha tea will energize your body before exercise and help you recover faster. The antioxidants from matcha stimulate the immune system which results in less oxidative stress and inflammation in the body over a long period of time. The muscles will recover faster and less lactic acid will occur as well. Lactic acid is produced due to energy and oxygen being used. Drinking matcha will allow one to use glucose for energy. Furthermore, the caffeine found in matcha is much more effective for your body than caffeine from coffee. The caffeine from matcha is absorbed over a longer period of time which will result in long term energy instead of a crash. Also, you won’t feel jittery from drinking too much matcha.

Another bonus of matcha is its very effective for fat burning. The fact is that those drinking matcha for fitness can lose anywhere between 60% to 89% of their weight. Thus, matcha will provide you with longer lasting enery and an improved ability to burn fat due to thermogenesis. Matcha contains catechins which effectively burn fat for energy from glucose.

Well there you have it. I have been using matcha for my fitness routines the past six months and I have noticed a big difference in my performance. I have more energy even after the workout and I am able to maintain my desired body weight. Thanks to matcha, my energy lasts throught the entire day and does not end after my workouts. I suggest you give matcha a try and let me know if it has made any difference to your workout routines. You can always leave your thoughts/ideas in the comments section below.



  1. thanks that was very helpful information. I have used supplements in the past and they made no improvement to my fitness levels. now I will switch to matcha and look forward to great results.

    • You will definitely be glad that you made the switch to matcha and you will notice the results fast. Supplements didn’t really work for me either, most of them are like ground rocks.
      Thanks for visiting my site and let me know later how well matcha has worked for you.

  2. that’s good to know that you can use a natural tea like matcha for fitness. I’m just curious if matcha should be used before or after a workout?

    • Most people consume matcha before their fitness routine because it will provide energy for your workout and the energy will last all day long. I also find it more beneficial to drink matcha before exercise.

  3. Drinking matcha for health and fitness is definitely the way to go. I am Chinese so drinking green tea is nothing out of the ordinary for me. However, when I was little I try to stay as far away from it as possible because I was into soda. Later I noticed that I was getting fatter and I was getting weaker and I have no energy. I got myself into drinking green tea and everything changed. I am now taller, fitter and much more energetic. This goody is also good at preventing tumor growths. The long lasting caffeine is a nice bonus which prevents crashing unlike coffee. Is there any specific brand that you recommend ?

    • thanks for the feedback. matcha green tea for fitness is truly the way to go. I personally recommend the uji matcha brand because it is the purest and of high quality standards. the link is on my uji matcha post if you want to try it out, thanks again.

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