Matcha Green Tea for Hangovers

Did you know that drinking matcha green tea is a great way to reduce the effects of a hangover. Like others I have tried different things to reduce the effects of a hangover including cold showers, coffee, and exercise. However, there is a proven hangover cure that actually works.  I can tell you from my own experience that I was suffering from a hangover. Then I decided to drink matcha green tea and I felt great after. Due to its level of antioxidants matcha green tea has the ability to protect the liver from alcohol by flushing out the toxins. The antioxidants also help the brain to clear out chemical reactions. Matcha green tea may very well be the hangover cure you have been looking for.

Matcha green tea also helps reduce amyloid plaque buildup in the brain which is associated with Alzheimer’s. If you drink matcha green tea the day after your drinking then your mind and body will thank you and you will feel better as well. Also, remember that you should drink matcha the day after your alcohol consumption to reduce the side effects. Do not drink matcha right after drinking alcohol! The rejuvenating effects of matcha green tea go a long way indeed.




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