Matcha Green Tea Powder Recipe

Matcha green tea powder recipes are increasingly being used these days. This includes uses in desserts, breakfast, lattes, yogurts and more. Matcha green tea powder is loaded with health benefits because of the whole green tea leaves that are broken down into a super fine powder. Due to such a process the matcha powder has higher levels of antioxidants than other green teas which are simply brewed. Also, it contains a high level of L-Theanine an amino acid responsible for relaxation. Matcha powder also is great for detoxifying due to its high levels of chlorophyll.

An important point to remember is not to add matcha green tea powder to boiling water because it will taste grassy. Boil the water and let it sit for 5 minutes before adding matcha green tea powder . You will acquire the taste of matcha green tea over time since not everyone can adapt quickly to its smooth and mellow flavour. Certain people find the taste to be bitter. Some people eat sweets such as cookies with matcha tea and that is fine.

I have included a simple matcha green tea recipe for everyone to enjoy called Matcha Coconut Latte. The ingredients include: 1 1/2 teaspoons matcha powder; 1 tablespoon how water; 3/4 cup warmed coconut milke; and Honey.

First of all combine matcha powder with hot water in a cup or mug, stirring until smooth. Whisk in warmed coconut milk . Then sweeten with honey to your desired taster.

I have used the above recipe countless times and I just love it. Add it to your recipe list and you will be glad you made the matcha choice.










  1. Hi Vick,

    Love your post and website. I do love my green tea but have never had it with matcha. I am dying to give it a try. I have matcha in my smoothies and even juice but never in green tea,

    Thanks so much for the recipe I will give it a go


  2. I oftentimes use green tea because of its numerous health benefits but I have not had the opportunity to try out Matcha green tea powder.

    I love the Matcha Coconut Latte recipe you included in the post and the procedure of preparing it you included. I will surely give it a try and see how it tastes. But even right now am already savoring the potential taste of the Latte.
    Thanks for this informative post.


  3. Hello! I never had Matcha before though I keep reading about it and have become more curious over time. Is there a particular thing to look out for when buying it and have you noticed if different brands react differently to this recipe? I notice you use coconut milk however I wanted to know if it is ok to use milk instead? Or if the coconut is needed is adding coconut oil ok? I drink raw milk and and dairy and I prefer it over plant based milks/waters/creams.

  4. Thanks for checking out the site Alex. I prefer buying the organic brands, any organic brand will do and a lot of health food stores carry organic matcha. Also, you can use raw milk if you want, it all depends on ones personal preference. I included the coconut recipe because it is one of the more popular matcha recipes.

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