Matcha Set

All matcha lovers know that the right tools are needed to make that perfect cup of matcha. The making of matcha tea is a wonderful art that has been enjoyed for generations and matcha is not complete without the right tools. Now for matcha the right tools mean using a matcha set. A proper matcha set includes the following utensils: tea bowl (chawan); tea whisk (chasen); tea scoop (chashaku); tea caddy (natsume); and a tea cloth (chakin). The chawan is usually 5 inches in diameter and about 3.5 inches tall. The chawan needs to be a certain size for proper whisking. The chasen is essential for preparing matcha because it contains strong and flexible tines necessary for whisking and whipping tea foam. The chashaku is a bamboo spoon necessary to scoop and measure matcha tea. the chashaku is about 7 inches long. The natsume is a container with a lid used to hold matcha tea. Natsume are usually made from wood or bamboo. The chakin is a small cloth to wipe the tea ware. Chakin can be very helpful when preparing matcha at home. Having a complete matcha set will work perfectly well together and give you a wonderful matcha experience. You will love it so much that it will become a part of your daily routine.

In Japanese tea ceremonies matcha has been used with matcha sets for centuries. Now some people may wonder if there is any point in having a matcha set in the first place. Why not just prepare matcha quickly with a fork and have it from a cup. However, for me and many like me have found a deep purpose in using a matcha set. You will love the quality of the bowl, whisk, scoop, caddy and cloth. Most people love the experience of making matcha tea with a set and love the display of it in their kitchens when not in use. As I stated earlier that once you develop the habit of using a set to make and drink high grade matcha green tea it will become a wonderful ritual.

Having a matcha set will allow you to discover the delights of matcha. Using a set will make your matcha drinking experience perfect every time. To begin you will use the tea scoop (chashaku) to measure the right amount. Of course the right amount is up to you, whether you like your matcha thick or thin. Then you need to use the tea whisk (chasen) to mix it up. Then the tea bowl (chawan) will be used to drink up your finely prepared matcha. The set will let you get the best from matcha. Also, it makes a great gift as well.

Please share your thoughts and or experiences on matcha sets and how well they have worked for you. Let us know what you feel about them below, thanks.





  1. Thanks that is some great information. I was confused in the beginning if I should just buy the matcha bowl. Didn’t really bother even thinking about a matcha set. Now after reading your article I guess it is worth having a matcha set to make the experience of drinking matcha complete.

    • No worries my friend and you are absolutely correct. A matcha set can take your matcha drinking experience to a whole other level. You will take pride in what you do and it makes a great addition as well. Thank you and enjoy.

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