Matcha Whisk Holder


A matcha whisk holder is basically a porcelain holder (kuse naoshi) which has a fine design adequately shaped to maintain the whisk (chasen) as well as helping it to stay dry. Kusenaoshi’s can also be made from wood. Their main purpose is to allow wet whisks to be placed on them, allowing them to dry and restore their shape. Kusenaoshi’s are used in the back room of tea ceremonies and are not placed in the tea room. These holders are the best items to extend the life of your chasen.

The whisk holder helps keep the whisk in its original shape and prevents the two rings from shrinking.

  • The holder also helps the bamboo whisk air dry without touching any wet surface.
  • It is made of porcelain, very smooth for sliding the whisk on and off
  • Take care of holder by rinsing with dry cloth

The whisk holder has definetly kept my matcha whisk looking fine. I am glad that there is actually a product that keeps my whisk in top shape and avoids the rings from shrinking together. My chasen looks in prime shape even after years of use thanks to the kusenaoshi. I also admire the color and craftmanship too.




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