Miracle Matcha Health Mix In

Product: Miracle Matcha Health Mix In

Item Weight: 10.5 ounce

Price: $ 14.00

Cheapest place to buy: amazon.com
This is a great health product and great for vegetarians too. It is an awesome health snack too add to your lifestyle. It is a blend of matcha tea, flax seeds, chia seeds and goji berries. This product smells like fresh granola and I use it on my cereals, smoothies and yogurt.

The texture is nice and chewy, and the addition of flax seeds gives it a fine crunchy sensation. As I mentioned earlier this product is great for vegetarians since it is loaded with vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. You will have more energy and feel great all day too after consuming this product.

Please keep in mind that after you have bought this product and tasted it to share your experiences below. Let me and everyone else know how you felt after trying it and if it had any effect on your energy level. How you enjoyed the taste of matcha added with granola. Also, you can include comments, suggestions, reviews etc. below, thank you and have a great day.


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