Uji Matcha

It is said that the best type of matcha green tea is Uji matcha which is produced from Gyokuro grown in the Uji part of Kyoto, Japan. Uji is famous for its matcha and it is the original place in Japan where green tea was cultivated. The land in Uji is fertile and the foggy weather works well against frost. Uji also has many sloping hills leading to good cultivation methods. It has taken centuries of processing and fertilization methods to develop the Uji matcha that is well loved today. The smooth, light taste of Uji matcha and its great aroma is highly cherished and used in most Japanese tea ceremonies. Producing Uji matcha is quite a process. The tea leaves are covered with a cloth so they are protected from direct sunlight. This is done 20 to 30 days before the tea leaves are harvested. Due to this process the leaves become a darker shade of green which in turn results in forming amino acids and increasing the amount of chlorophyll. Then the finest of tea buds are hand picked, dried, and stone grinded to a green powder to produce Uji matcha.

I recommend you try Uji matcha yourself and let me know what you think. Is it really the best matcha or do you prefer something else? let me know what you think below.







  1. I have taken to drinking green tea lately, especially at night when I don’t want to have any caffeine.
    I have not known of Uji Matcha until I read your article. Thanks. I’m going to try it. It sounds wonderful.
    I’m wondering if there is a better place to get it. Somewhere that you can trust that you’re getting the right stuff.
    I’d also be interested in your experience in the benefits of the tea.

    • thanks for your feedback. you can get uji matcha through my link which is on the uji matcha post. I have tried it myself and I immediately noticed its effects after consuming it. it has a more rich taste and the energy will sustain you better compared to other matchas. also, you will mentally focus better and feel refreshed.

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